What is a ”MiFi”? …and why do I want one?

A Mifi is a small, portable router that connects to the Internet using a SIM card instead of the usual cables. You can connect your Smartphone, tablet and laptop to this device to get Internet access. Perfect match for a 1dataplan SIM card.

Find out below why you want one…

No place like home

At home you connect your smartphone or tablet to your normal router using a wireless network. The whole family is connected.

Oh, no roaming

When travelling your smartphone will instead connect to a mobile network which will incur expensive roaming tariffs.

Mom is calling

If you insert the 1dataplan SIM into your smartphone when travelling your phone number becomes inactive and people can’t reach you. We wouldn’t like you to experience that.

So instead:
Mifi to the rescue

The Mifi is basically the same thing as your home router, except that it fits in your pocket and runs on batteries. It creates a wireless network like at home and connects all your devices – just like home.

Insert the 1dataplan SIM card in the Mifi, connect your smartphone to the device using Wifi and use your phone as you would normally. Everyone can call you as normally, but you are now using 1dataplan as your inexpensive Internet provider.

Goodbye data roaming charges.

Easier for tablets and laptops

The Mifi is primarily necessary if you have a smartphone or if you want to share your 1dataplan connection.

If you use the 1dataplan SIM card with a data-only product like a tablet or a laptop then just insert the SIM card directly in the unit instead.

No Mifi needed.